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From the Vertex Pharmaceuticals Form 10-K for Calendar Year 2020

Were you wondering how long Vertex has a monopoly on its ultra-expensive modulator drugs for CF patients? Here's your answer: A LONG time!

"The table [above] sets forth the year of projected expiration for the basic product patents covering each of our approved products. For products that are combinations of two or more active ingredients, the table lists the projected expiration of the latest expiring patent covering any of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (lumacaftor for ORKAMBI, tezacaftor for SYMDEKO/SYMKEVI and elexacaftor for TRIKAFTA/KAFTRIO). Patent term extensions, supplementary protection certificates, and pediatric exclusivity periods are not reflected in the expiration dates listed in the table [above] and may extend protection. In some instances, we also own later-expiring patents and applications relating to solid forms, formulations, methods of manufacture, or the use of these drugs in the treatment of particular diseases or conditions. In some cases, however, such patents may not protect our drug from generic competition after the expiration of the basic patent."

(Emphasis added).

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