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CF Heterozygote, Self-Appointed Architecture Critic, Cooperator, Ratepayer Advocate

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Thoughts for Today, 11/4/2020

Hello Planet Earth: Seventy-two years ago, a pathologist working at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York announced via a...

The CFF Cashes Another Big Check

To know me is to know that my favorite charity is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Just as the March of Dimes cured polio, so too is the...

Jack Tuholske, Superstar

One of my most salutary bits of career-related happenstance occurred a decade ago when I joined a triumverate consisting of me and two...

Data and its Discontents

One of the biggest reasons why the struggle to overcome cystic fibrosis is "the greatest story in medicine" is something the CF...

Why I'm sick of Policy Governance

This blog post publicly proclaims the end of my 17-year intimate relationship with John Carver. Okay, okay. I've never actually met John...

Put Some ICER on that Toenail Fungus!

Toenail fungus is the most discouraging of scourges, ravaging the human family just when we already have enough troubles. But it’s an...

Patients for Affordable Drugs Now!

Proud to say that Rose and I made this little persuasive pitch that is running on the web site Check it out!

Got four hours to spare?

If so, I warmly recommend immersing yourself in the realities of the two most common genetic disorders in the United States: Sickle Cell...

More Greatest Hits from My Old Blog

At Dartmouth's Hood, a bittersweet triumph over splashy postmodernism February 06, 2019 [September 2020 note: This one annoyed a lot of...

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