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CF Heterozygote, Self-Appointed Architecture Critic, Cooperator, Ratepayer Advocate

[N1303K is a mutation on Chromosome 7 associated with cystic fibrosis.  In case you were wondering. Experimenting with Mastodon.] 

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Got four hours to spare?

If so, I warmly recommend immersing yourself in the realities of the two most common genetic disorders in the United States: Sickle Cell...

More Greatest Hits from My Old Blog

At Dartmouth's Hood, a bittersweet triumph over splashy postmodernism February 06, 2019 [September 2020 note: This one annoyed a lot of...

Greatest Hits from

My old blog,, is gone (replaced by this new and improved one) . . . so here are some greatest hits from the past (mainly...

Paul Quinton, CF Superstar

I'm someone who maintains a personal roster of heroes. Hanging in my office are portraits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Louis Brandeis. At...

A Co-op Moment for Credit Unions

Here are four simple propositions for you to consider: As a result of the pandemic, the nation is in the throes of an economic crisis the...

Good News and Bad News about the Co-op

First, the good news. At the September 17 special meeting of the Board of the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, the Board approved a...

The Co-op Saga Continues

Why am I continuing to write about the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, also known as the Coop Food Stores of Hanover and Lebanon in...

Hello neighbors and fellow cooperators

Here's a confession: I just started this new web site,, as a replacement for my old site,, and was pretty...

Breakthrough for the Hanover Co-op!

Every so often, something happens to demonstrate that cooperatives really are different – that the transparency and accountability...

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