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CF Heterozygote, Self-Appointed Architecture Critic, Cooperator, Ratepayer Advocate

[N1303K is a mutation on Chromosome 7 associated with cystic fibrosis.  In case you were wondering.] 


I'm a Slavittnik, and Proud of It

Nobody cares what I think about the pandemic. I realize that. But, I have been groping my way to something like an understanding of what...

Mr. Breyer's Neighborhood

Rule No. 1 of being an architecture critic in northern New England is: Don't trash anyone's house. Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are...

The Evolution of Penn Station in NYC

One entered the city like a god . . . . . . one scuttles in now like a rat . . . . . . and in the future the rat will be fed the cheese...

"Think About Rosa Parks, Guys"

I'm asking nicely: Please leave our food co-ops alone. That's my reaction to the story I just read in the Keene Sentinel, and to this...

Sad News from Confederate Gulch

Of all the unusual places I've ever been -- everything from a tin mine in Siberia to a spent nuclear fuel pool in Maine -- none is more...


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