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CF Heterozygote, Self-Appointed Architecture Critic, Cooperator, Ratepayer Advocate

[N1303K is a mutation on Chromosome 7 associated with cystic fibrosis.  In case you were wondering.] 


All 26 Books I Read in 2020

Trivedi, Breath from Salt McConaghy, Migrations Obama, A Promised Land Barry, A Thousand Moons Marzano-Lesnevich, The Fact of a Body...

Aux Armes, Citoyens!

That's certainly a more compelling pitch than "the states need to think about taking back resource adequacy." But the latest edition of...

"Real Patriots Serve and Sacrifice"

[The dispatch below came pouring out of me this morning, for sharing with readers of my Facebook page. On reflection I decided it would...

Write to

The planetary grassroots organization Vertex Save Us is reaching out to the CF community for support. We Americans are in a very...

Thoughts for Today, 11/4/2020

Hello Planet Earth: Seventy-two years ago, a pathologist working at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York announced via a...


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