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Updating the Data on Covid 19 and Cystic Fibrosis

This is the latest data from the CF Foundation's national patient registry:

As you can see, deaths have increased significantly over the past few weeks -- we were at three for a long time -- which, I suppose, is understandable given the massive wave of Covid cases that swept across the country in December and January. According to the CFF, six of the people who died were post-long transplant and two others suffered from severe lung disease.

According to my math, the death rate (about 0.86 percent of reported cases) is less than half the rate for the general U.S population (1.9 percent, according to the information on the Johns Hopkins Covid 19 tracking site).

To end on a pleasant note: Here's a photo of my favorite PwCF -- chasing cows in Montana. We're gonna give that another go in June.

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